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A study by Electrical Safety First has identified that risky behaviour in the home is leading to a huge number of accidents, which peak on Saturday evenings when four accidents take place every second. Their ‘Home Safe’ campaign highlights that even the smallest mishap can lead to devastating consequences.

This is the result of the increasing number of unnecessary risks we take, which range from overloading sockets to fixing appliances that are still plugged in and using power tools without Residual Current Device protection. Over 6 million people are guilty of taking batteries out of smoke alarms to silence them and 2.5 million have tried to dry objects in the microwave!

On average, Saturday at 6.30pm is considered to be the most dangerous time to be at home, although research showed that the riskiest days and times can be different, depending on your age and lifestyle.

For example, the most dangerous day for a student is Wednesday. They are most likely to start a small fire in the kitchen (12%) and at the same time most likely to remove batteries from smoke alarms (21%) and 13% of students admit to having tried to dry clothes or other objects in their microwaves! 

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The consequences of taking risks around the home can be serious – electricity alone causes 70 deaths a year and 350,000 serious injuries – and the number of fires has increased by 10% in the last year. House fires, (a third of which were caused by the misuse of electrical appliances) resulted in almost a billion pounds worth of damage last year and caused 258 deaths, of which 146 occurred in homes without a working smoke alarm.

House of Horrors

Don't risk turning your home into a "House of Horrors" - our family of monsters pays the price for ignoring electrical safety in their home!