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Eliminate condensation in your property


ElectriciansOnCall are now able to offer a new, revolutionary approach to eliminate condensation in bathrooms and other parts of your property. The Nuaire PIV ECO from world leading ventilation experts Nuaire provides ventilation using the Positive Input Ventilation principle. Essentially the concept is to introduce fresh, filtered air into the dwelling at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside. To achieve this, the unit is mounted in the loft space, drawing air through the filters and inputting it, at ceiling level, into the property.

The basic unit is installed with controls in the loft only, perfect for landlords etc. 

An enhanced unit is also available with a 7 segment display in the ceiling diffuser, offering complete control at the touch of a button without needing access to the unit located in the loft space. A lock function can be used to ensure the system remains tamper-proof.

The enhanced unit is also available with wireless remote control from a locally installed control panel for total control at ground level.

Ceiling and remote control type units also come equipped with integral heating elements.

This revolutionary unit is fitted with an internal temperature sensor. This sensor continuously monitors the temperature in the loft, boosting the air volume when the loft temperature is above a set level.

If the loft temperature becomes excessive the unit will switch to standby mode (no airflow). Once installed, the airflow can be set to suit the required flow and, if required, the way it responds to the temperature changes within.

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  • Modern, sleek circular diffuser – Unobtrusive abd discreet.
  • Loft, Ceiling or Remote Control - Basic type or choice of system controls located in the ceiling diffuser or fully remote control for easy commission and maintenance checks.
  • Filter change indicator – To ensure optimum performance is maintained.
  • Very low maintenance - Filter clean or replacement every five years.
  • Extremely energy efficient - System goes into standby during warmer months when there is no evidence of condensation.
  • Health benefit - Clinically proven to help allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • 7 year warranty: 1 year parts and labour. Remaining 6 years parts only.


We are only able to quote for the supply and installation of basic loft control type, ceiling  control and fully remote control. We are not able to supply the unit for user installation.

Don’t delay, get rid of unwanted condensation now, call your local office today.