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What is a RCD and why is it important I have one?

Most people are amazed to find out that older style fuses and circuit breakers are only meant to protect the cables and circuits they control. When it comes to protection from electric shock the majority of these older devices offer no protection whatsoever. For this reason your installation should be protected by a Residual Current Device, in the case of a dangerous fault, or someone getting an electric shock this device will disconnect the supply to that circuit within milliseconds, saving you and your family from what could be a potentially fatal accident. Every installation should have one installed regardless of age, unfortunately, in some cases the Residual Current Device has either been removed or ignored when the fuse box or consumer unit was changed at some time in the past. Older properties fitted with outdated fuse boxes with rewireable fuses were originally designed and installed over 50 years ago when the number and type of appliances connected were very different to today's modern electrical items.

3036 Fusebox Older style fusebox with rewirable fuses  
30mA RCD  Modern Residual Current Device
ConsumerUnit1 Modern Type of consumer unit complete

with Residual Current Device protection


As the years pass and extra circuits are added without proper protection, extra sockets are installed without taking account of the suitability of the existing circuits the potential for faults and fire grow exponentially. In some cases these older style fuse boxes actually have a wooden frame that can lead to fire from an overloaded circuit. Don't take the chance with your family, contact your local office today and we can arrange for a free inspection of your existing fuse box or consumer unit, we can check whether your installation is properly protected, test the installed residual current device and also advise you whether your existing earthing arrangements are adequate. As long as your property is within the CT or ME postcode areas this inspection and test is completely free, contact your local office now for further details